Review Highly Recommended!


Highly Recommended!
We spent a two week, incredible trip through Madagascar, organized by Madagacar Endemics and Resorts (MER). From the very beginning of planning Manitra was extremely helpful and very responsive. He helped with suggestions and advice (since the country is so large, there are many things to see and choices to make), but also gave us complete flexibility in tailoring our trip based on where we wanted to visit. Some of the trip we arranged ourselves, while other parts we were assisted by MER. Our expectations in the type of lodging, guides and service we expected were well exceeded. The guides in each location were helpful and knowledgeable. Manitra was in touch throughout our trip; we made adjustments on the fly, added to the itinerary when we realized we wanted to see something else; it was all seamless and very easy. We ended up going to Nosy Be, Ankarana Reserve, Antsiranan/Diego-Suarez, Morondava, Andasibe Park, and of course Tana. Thanks to Manitra and the team at MER for making it a truly memorable vacation. We can't recommend Madagascar enough, it exceeded our expectations and was an incredible country with friendly people and amazing diversity, many things are unique and can only be found in Madagascar. We highly recommend MER for anyone visiting.

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